Wishing us all a Super Busy 2017/18 Season

Hi all you Krewkut fans – I know we’ve been a’Buzz with Adam Joshua Bentel ‘s ‘Ad of the Week’ and showcasing Thomas James Revington ‘s latest music video and Dino Benedetti being introduced to the SASC but some other cool stuff has also being going down and we haven’t had the chance to post about it all.

Another super Gaffer has joined the fold, and me being a lighting gal and all, I was super chuffed when Henry Blignaut called to join the team. Thomas James Revington from Shortstraw fame has joined us in the camera department, not that we needed ‘celeb’ cred, but we’ll take it

Jo Oosthuizen is at last back in South Africa and we’re hoping to keep him here – He just finished an amazing international job for Ponds with his Trinity and we can’t wait to see the final product!!

There are still a few exciting things coming up and we’ll be sure to keep you posted…